Here We Stand

The Hear We Stand document was among business considered and approved by delegates at the July Session of General Conference in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. The document was created to address appropriate Christian responses to some of the social and moral issues of the twenty-first century, and to offer a biblical and practical response. The goal of the writing team was to create statements reflecting positions generally espoused across the CGGC that were clear, practical, brief as possible, and solidly rooted in scripture.

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Our fall sermon series,
 "Drive... Living Life on Mission",
is designed to challenge you to think about what drives you in life and will attempt to answer the question, "What drives you to follow Jesus and to serve Him"?

October 2 2016
World Wide Communion
"Drive.. Living Life on Mission"
Pastor Tim Bistline

October 9 2016
"Drive.. Living by Fear"
Pastor Tim Bistline

October 16 2016
"Drive.. Living for Things"
Pastor Tim Bistline

October 23 2016
"Drive.. Living with Guilt,
Resentment and Shame"
Pastor Tim Bistline

October 30 2016
5th Sunday Hempfield Food Pantry Drive
"Drive.. Living to Please"
Pastor Tim Bistline

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Message From Pastor Tim Bistline

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Overview for the summer sermon series,

“Songs for the Road” Over the summer months, we are exploring the "songs of ascent" from the book of Psalms. Fifteen songs (Psalms 120-134) that have been sung throughout the centuries by pilgrims and travelers on their journey to the Temple in Jerusalem. Words of truth and life for the road trip of spiritual growth; disciples walking together, ascending to become more like Jesus with every step.

Join us some Sunday morning to experience the "songs" or stop and rest awhile right here, from your journey!
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